About Draught Line, LLC

I have been a homebrewer for over 20 years and a craft beer enthusiast. With degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology, I was looking for a small business startup opportunity in Southeastern Wisconsin. Well, as the story goes I had a eureka moment... I was out for a traditional Friday Fish Fry and ordered a draught beer. This was probably the worst nearly undrinkable brew imaginable. With good mechanical aptitude and an eye for design I immediately knew the direction I wanted to pursue.

I attended a technical seminar sponsored by the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and confirmed the need for quality standards within the industry. I enrolled in the Micromatic Draught Dispense Specialist Program and attended the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Workshop. Draught Line, LLC was born.

Draught Line's goal is simple, to improve draught beer quality and ensure that beer makes it into the beer drinker's glass in the manner that the brewer intended.

Willie Priaulx
Owner, Draught Line LLC
wpreo [ at ] draughtline.com

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