Clean Draught Lines = Repeat Sales

To maximize profits and keep your customers happy each pint of beer should pour and taste the way the brewer intended. Draught Line’s certified technicians are fully trained in the use of the industry’s most effective cleaning solutions.

Beer lines are cleaned strictly to the Brewer’s Association Standards. Each line is drained and recirculated with a cleaning solution followed by a rinse. After the rinse cycle is complete the solution is tested to ensure that no cleaning solution is present before reconnecting to the keg. Faucets are removed, disassembled and hand cleaned with every time. Refrigeration and pressure systems are checked as part of the maintenance procedure.

How Clean is Your Draught System?

You can do simple checks like using a straw to scrape the inside of a faucet and checking keg couplers for visible build-up to determine if your draught system requires (better) cleaning. Draught Line, LLC offers a free on-site cleaning demonstration. Contact us today to set one up.

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