Draught System Design & Installation

Draught Line is excited to offer design and installation of new or existing systems. We specialize in custom designing a system that meets your needs. We can upgrade or modify your dispense system with the newest and most innovative products on the market. For example – have a FOB installed and stop wasting beer today.

FOB – (Foam on Beer Detector): Installation of a FOB on a long draw beer system will reduce waste and increase beer profits. When the keg empties, the beer flow is stopped immediately. The line remains full of beer, instead of filling with foam. This prevents the need to purge the lines of air thus, significantly reducing the need to WASTE beer.

System Evaluation

We provide free consultation and cleaning demonstrations. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining your draught line system. Clean lines make for quality draught beer that looks good, tastes great and pours without waste, maximizing consumer enjoyment and retail profits. Draught Line is passionate about draught beer quality. Our certified technicians strictly adhere to the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Maintenance standards and procedures to ensure that the beer you pour is as the brewer intended.


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