The Importance of Draught System Cleaning

Total draught system quality depends on balancing three key factors: Temperature, Pressure, and Sanitation/Hygiene.

Having clean beer lines in your establishment is very important. They allow for quality draught beer that looks good, tastes like the brewer intended, and pours with no waste. Poor draught system hygiene produces beer that tastes off because of flavor changing microbes, may leave visible residue in the beer itself, and will ultimately result in a loss of new and repeat sales. As a retailer, you have a vested interest in making sure that the lines are clean and the cleaning is always done properly.

Even in a brand new draught system, deposits will begin to build up within days of being installed. Without a proper cleaning, the beer served will be off in flavor and will negatively affect your abilty to pour a quality glass of beer.

There are different kinds of soil types that affect your beer lines. Here is a short list along with their characteristics:

  • Hop resin - sticky
  • Grain protein - gummy
  • Yeast & micro - resistant
  • Minerals - hard
  • Bio-film - homogenous mass

A proper cleaning routine using the correct solutions and procedures will prevent build up of these organic materials and mineral deposits while eliminating microbes that affect taste. Your draught lines, couplers, faucets, beer pumps, and FOBs need to be cleaned every two weeks to guarantee that every draught beer your customers receive is exactly as the brewer intended.

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